Coping With Breakups — How to Overcome a Breakup in 5 Steps

Coping with breakups is always difficult, no matter whether you or your partner initiated the breakup of the relationship. Breakups can be some of the most devastating emotional experiences and as such need to be taken seriously.

However, even though it may feel like you are going through the worst breakup ever, realize that it is not true. Almost everyone has had to cope with a breakup at least once in life and it is never easy.

It is good to know what helped other people to recover quickly after a breakup - whether or not you want to win back your ex-girlfriend.

Here are some of the best ways of coping with breakups:

1. Allow your feelings

After a breakup you feel a lot of different emotions, ranging from sadness and anger to downright heartache. Realize that it is normal to have such intense and uncomfortable feelings after a breakup.

The best way to deal with these emotions is to allow yourself to feel them. Give yourself time to process through the sadness and pain of the separation. Allow yourself to cry. It is OK.

When coping with a breakup, you can allow your emotions to come up when you are alone or you can express how you feel to a friend. The important thing is to not suppress these emotions. Suppressing how you feel will only prolong the pain. Truly releasing it just once is a much better approach for coping with breakups.

If you become too exhausted, you may need some breaks - do something else for a while until you feel ready to allow your feelings to come up more again.

2. Take your time

No-one can tell in advance how long it will take to get through the emotions the breakup brought up. Take the necessary time for your healing process.

Also, it is perfectly normal that you will be less effective at your job after a breakup. Realize that this is okay and that you will be back to normal much sooner if you do not fight against your feelings.

3. Be kind to yourself

After a breakup, with all the stress and difficult feelings, you may become too hard on yourself or neglect your body's needs. As has been mentioned in the article about the most common mistakes when trying to win back your ex-girlfriend, negative self-talk is a very common problem.

Realize that you do not have to torture yourself with these negative thoughts. You can make the choice to focus on something else - something that you enjoy or maybe something constructive to get your life going again.

Above all, be kind and loving to yourself. Self-love is the best way to heal emotional wounds.

4. Find support

Although coping with breakups is possible without any help from others, many people find it helpful to share their feelings with friends or a support group. You can find support groups in your area or join anonymous online support forums.

5. After some time, get active

While it is important to have quiet time for yourself as a way of coping with breakups, eventually you need to start to become more active. This will speed up your breakup recovery process tremendously.

Do whatever you enjoy doing with others, maybe some hobby or social work or something else that will allow you to engage in life and interact with people.

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