Should You Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend?

It is very important to honestly ask yourself whether it is a good idea to win back your ex-girlfriend. Be as honest with yourself as you can in this. You will avoid much heartache later on if you answer this question truthfully.

Also, if your breakup happened just recently, then you may need to give yourself some time before making the decision whether or not you should try to win back your ex-girlfriend. Otherwise you risk not having the necessary clarity of mind due to the stress and pain of the recent breakup.

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Basicly, you need to decide whether your ex-girlfriend is truly good for you. Only if you can honestly say that she IS should you start making plans to win back your ex-girlfriend.

Let us look at a few examples.

Some people want to win back their ex-girlfriend only because they cannot stand the idea of their ex-girlfriend being with someone else. But realize that this is far from love – this is simply jealousy.

Missing your ex-girlfriend desperately is also NOT a good reason to win back your ex-girlfriend. For example, if your ex-girlfriend cheated on you or manipulated you, you may still miss her, but does that mean that you should try to win back with your ex-girlfriend?

Bad relationships are like drugs. Taking heroin may feel good, but is it really good for you? That is an extreme example to make this point clear. If you win back your ex-girlfriend for the wrong reasons, it will just make your life more difficult.

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On the other hand, you may have done a mistake that you truly regret now. If you can correct your mistake, or at least apologize, then you will have a good chance to win back your ex-girlfriend.

Maybe you took your relationship for granted, just as in the old saying: "You don't know what you've got until you lose it."

Generally speaking, there are two different reasons why people break up. Either it is due to a conflict or due to "growing apart" – or sometimes both.

When a couple "grows apart", quite often there is not much conflict and you remain friends after the breakup.

If, however, your breakup happened because of a conflict, keep the following in mind: Conflicts are always based on a misunderstanding. So either you or your ex-girlfriend misunderstood something either of you said or did.

Every conflict is a misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion by heated emotions. That means, you can still get back your ex-girlfriend. When her anger cools down a little bit, she will also begin to miss you.

Fortunetaly, most people find it far more rewarding to make up with each other than to fight. So if there was a conflict between you and your ex-girlfriend, there is a very good chance that she wants to make up with you too.

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